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Mill Mountain Park

Mill Mountain Park is one of the region’s most distinguished parks. Home to the famous Roanoke Star, Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s Discovery Center and Mill Mountain Zoo, Mill Mountain Park is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike. Spanning 568 acres, the regional park is occasionally reserved for private events, including parties and weddings. Located beside the Blue Ridge Parkway, the park is easily accessible by road or trail.


Mill Mountain Park Amenities: 

  • 33 x 35 ft Picnic Shelter with 6 Tables and 2 Grills
  • Two Mountain Overlooks
  • 10 Miles of Multi-Use Trails
  • Mill Mountain Wildflower Garden
  • Outdoor Classroom
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Discovery Center
  • Mill Mountain Zoo
  • Roanoke Star
  • Greenway Access



On Nov. 23, 1949, the iconic Roanoke Star was lit up for the first time. Since then, Roanoke has earned the nickname as the “Star City.” At 88.5 feet tall and 10,000 lbs, the star is illuminated by 2,000 feet of neon tubing. The Roanoke Star in Mill Mountain Park has been distinguished as being the largest free-standing star in the world and is a symbol of Roanoke’s ambition for progress and innovation.




The Mill Mountain Discovery Center is Roanoke Parks and Recreation’s newest recreation center, most commonly used for Nature Education programs. The Discovery Center features a beautiful wildflower garden, as well as interactive educational exhibits and live creatures.

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In 1971, the City of Roanoke asked the Mill Mountain Garden Club to develop a 2.5-acre wildflower garden on Mill Mountain. The volunteer gardeners have contributed more than 50,000 club member hours of work and have cultivated a beautiful garden atop Mill Mountain. In recent years, a water feature has been added as well as a small outdoor amphitheater. 

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Mill Mountain is home to plenty of multi-use trails, including terrific mountain biking, hiking and trail running. Hikers can use all of the trails. Mountain bikers are welcome to ride on all of the trails except for: Watchtower Trail and Star Trail. Equestrian riders are welcome to use all of the trails except for: Crystal Spring Trail, Watchtower Trail and Star Trail. 

Please click on a trail on the map to view more information about the trail’s distance, elevation gain, usage and difficulty. Or, find a brief trail description below.

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Mill Mountain Trail Information:

  • Monument Trail: White blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 1.55 miles long
  • Watchtower Trail: Red blaze, hiker only, easy, 0.22 miles long
  • Star Trail: Yellow blaze, hiker only, more difficult, 1.38 miles long
  • Star-Woodthrush Connector Trail: Dark Green blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 0.24 miles long
  • Woodthrush Trail: Orange blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 1.9 miles long
  • Sidewinder Trail: Red blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 0.53 miles long
  • Virginia Pine Trail: Dark Blue blaze, multi-use, easy/more difficult, NEED MILEAGE FROM GIS
  • Ridgeline Trail: Purple blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 1.26 miles long
  • Understory Trail: Dark Blue blaze, multi-use, most difficult, 0.38 miles long 
  • Riser Trail: Pink blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 0.31 miles long
  • Big Sunny Trail: Light Blue blaze, multi-use, more difficult, 0.73 miles long
  • Crystal Spring Trail: Light Green blaze, hike and bike only, easy, 0.61 miles long

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